Making Friends: A Vlog in which we Adopt a Cat

“We have been to Build-A-Bear twice and we still don’t have a bear!” my husband said as we walked out of the mall on Thursday evening.

It is true.

We first went to Build-A-Bear a short time after Gavin was born. It was part of our attempt to treat Cameron a little special now that he was a big brother. With so many changes, it was important to us to pay special attention to him while we transitioned to being a home with two kids.

Cameron loved his experience and his new build-a-sheep named Beep the Sheep (wearing a Jeep shirt), aka “Sheepie” quickly claimed the spot as most loved toy.

On Thursday night we took our big boy back.

Cameron and his new cat toy

The Build-A-Bear Cat

Gavin and Cameron's toy cat


The Fine Print: Build-A-Bear Worshop sent Cameron some Bear Bucks to participate in the Any Event which allowed him to pick an animal, and outfit, and a pair of shoes for $34.99. This will run until August 16th, if you would like to participate with your little buddy. The fun and joy reflected in the video is entirely his own and not coerced at all by any company. We had a great time!


PS: Did you notice I actually snuck a second  video into this post? Lucky you!

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  1. Super cute video. I love seeing everyone in action and hearing your voices!
    Meow – what an absolutely perfect name for a kitty!
    You did a great job on the video – shooting and editing both.
    Hope to see more videos soon :-)
    Tammi recently posted..Transcending ProcrastinationMy Profile

    • Thanks Tammi! I would love to do more videos, but that is a serious time commitment. I used to vlog when I was back in university, and I remember it fondly. Wonder if I can keep up one video a month?
      Laura recently posted..That FamilyMy Profile

  2. Awwww! Sweetest vlog ever. Loved seeing Cameron and hearing your voice. Loved the music too.
    Alison recently posted..Memories Captured – August Link Up!My Profile

    • Thanks! Picking music for my vlogs is always the HARDEST THING EVER! Especially because I am making them so public, I know I need to respect rights, but finding creative commons music that works with the video is always such a challenge. I spent HOURS listening to crap. I dread finding music for the next time I do video!
      Laura recently posted..That FamilyMy Profile

  3. Goodness! Adorable! We attempted to take Avery to Build a Bear a while ago and she just couldn’t grasp the whole process. Before we even stuffed an animal she looked at us and said, “Can we go to the REAL store where friends are, now?” My heart nearly broke. Maybe if I show her Cameron doing it, she’ll want to… :)

    • What really helped Cameron the first time we went to Build-a-Bear was to carry around the example sheep (he chose a sheep the first time around) until his actual sheep was stuffed and ready to get dressed. For the first half of our first trip, Cam carried around a sheep in a purple tutu! It was funny.

      This time he knew what would happen and it was a lot easier. It is certainly confusing for little ones the first time you go though!
      Laura recently posted..That FamilyMy Profile


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